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Sweet Dreams

Description:  Includes the following stamps in BOTH regular size and Mini size (12 stamps total):
Bed with nightstand, Bed alone, Dresser, Pillow, Toy Cat and Toy Dog

Price: $ 9.00 CDN

Here is a set of images that were requested by readers during our Blog Candy contest. Tilda's bed has a ruffle that is designed after the lace pattern you can find on Magnolia stamps. I would recommend using the bed alone if you are printing it out for regular size Magnolias, as combined with the nightstand it can be quite large for any card size smaller than 6" X 6". However, if you want the bed and nightstand in the background, you can certainly scale it down (a real benefit of digi stamps!). The Mini versions fit quite nicely on smaller cards! As soon as my new mini Happy Tilda arrives from Magnolia-licious, I will do another sample card featuring the smaller images.

A teddy bear can be seen on the nightstand, which can also be cut out and placed on the bed or on the floor by the pillow with his other toy friends, the dog and cat!

In my sample 6" X 6" easel card, I was able to fit the bed in with the nightstand; I purposely raised it up a tad to have the lamp extend past the top of the card for interest. I also added more toys; my first Teddy Bear, my Baby Fox and my Fuzzy Bunny digistamps scaled down to match the other toys.

A full size # 321 Dreamy Tilda (from Magnolia-licious, of course!) fits perfectly on the large floor pillow. She, the pillow and the cat are all attached to the base of the card with a clear L-shaped support attached with Scor-Tape and flattens down when folded. When open, she holds the card front in place!

UPDATED MARCH 10TH: Here's a card I just finished using the mini images with the # 313 Mini Happy Tilda stamp!

And remember, with digistamps, you can flip any of these images if you prefer to have the bed facing the other direction, or even the toys facing opposite ways.

All Magnolia images are copyright Magnolia, Sweden. 
All original hand-drawn illustrations are copyright DigiDrawn.com.


Charlene said...

Maureen these images are too cute! Love them...and your card is adorable...love the colors and sentiment!

Barb said...

You have made my day, thank you! Finally accessories for my magnolias, was wondering when an artist would come up with this idea. If only I could draw too....:>)

Beautiful art work.

Barb said...

I've been playing with my Magnolia scenes & having way too much fun, thank you again. Here is the link to my pic:

My Blog:

Just in case the first one doesn't work. Smiles, Barb

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